Hello and welcome to CincyBindery

CincyBindery is a wonderful company located in the Ohio River town of Cincinnati. We come from a long tradition of skilled bookbinders. Our people are second to none in craftsmanship and customer service. We specialize in tackling the tough, unusual jobs that other binderies simply cannot do.

A sampling of our many offerings are: Case Binding both Hardcover and Softcover, Leather Binding, Miniature Books, Very Large Books, Smyth, Side, Saddle, Hand and Japanese Sewing, Custom Hand Crafted Boxes of all Types and Sizes.

We work with you to get the most beautiful piece possible well within your budget and time frame. We are totally committed to satisfying you, our customer.

A New Year

Posted on by Karl Grummich

I would like to start this blog on a sad note. A good friend and colleague, Kim Sommers, died in December of a brain aneurysm. Kim was smart, funny, kind,creative and energetic person who was a joy to know. She … Continue reading