I want to start by thanking all my customers and vendors for helping make the opening of Cincinnati Bindery and Packaging ( a great success. I have many things to be thankful for; my health, my family, my reasonable golf handicap and the many, many good people who have helped me start this company. Virtually all of my equipment used here was either given or loaned to me by people with whom I did business through the years. Without this extraordinary kindness, my start-up costs would have been prohibitively high. I have tried to be fair with people and the old adage ‘what goes around, comes around.’ seems to be at play here in a good way.This reminds me of a story that my father told me years ago.

My father was born in Sarajevo in what was once Yugoslavia. He was drafted into the German Army during WWII and fought on the Russian front in a Panzer unit. He was captured by the Russians and was taken to a POW camp near Odessa on the Black Sea. While in prison he contracted Cholera and was taken to a nearby hospital to die.  There a nurse took great care of him and nursed him back to health. Bewildered that ‘an enemy’ would save his life, he asked, why? The nurse answered, ‘Before the war, I worked for a German farmer. He was very kind to me so…I am kind to you.’

This resonated with me. A kind act, done for no other reason than to be human, could and perhaps often does result in other acts of kindness years away from the initial act. This could and perhaps often does, save the lives of people we will never know. I know that some of you will say that this is trite;but there is a profundity here that we all recognize. In this season of Thanksgiving, let us not forget those less fortunate than us and let us all give freely from our store of kindness.

Thank You

Karl Grummich

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