New Beginnings

Well I did it again; I started my own book binding company. You may well ask, ‘What in the world went haywire in your brain to do something as crazy as that?’. The answer is simple; my customers forced me into it. My old company was acquired by a couple of investors and subsequently resold to an out of town firm, leaving all of my skilled workers without a job here in Cincinnati. The new owners thought that people could be turned into skilled bookbinders in just a few months of training. I tried explaining that, though bookbinding looks easy, it takes years to become a craftsman. The example that I used was that Tiger Woods hits a little golf ball down the fairway, chips it on the green, makes the putt and gets millions of dollars. It looks easy. I asked, ‘Why don’t we all play golf and become millionaires?’. My question fell on deaf ears. Several of my old customers begged me to start anew with my old, experienced staff and finally I acquiesced to their demands.

That explanation is what I like to believe in anyway. My friends contend that I am just a crotchety old Kraut (I was born in Austria) who is incapable of actually working for anyone else. Of course I attribute that view to a delusional bunch of misfits who also happen to be my friends.

Now let me talk a little about my crew. They are simply the best!  Several years ago when this company was Grummich Enterprises, we submitted several of our products to the BIA contest to see how our workmanship stacked against the biggest and best binderies around. I was hoping for at least a couple of honorable mentions but was bowled over when I learned that every piece that was submitted won ‘Best in Category’ and one piece won ‘Best of Show’. This proved that my people were a world class team. These are the people that I have behind me now. The only difference is that now they are even more experienced than they were then. They like what they do. They are great at what they do and they will bend over backwards to satisfy the customer.

I also want to thank the many kind people who have helped me in starting up this operation. I would not have been able to start without all of your help. You know who you are and I will do everything in my power to help you in anyway that I can.

This is my first blog. I do not know where this will lead. My friends think that it will lead to litigation, stiff fines and jail but I hope to prove them wrong. I will try to stay on track and talk about my team, my customers, my products and anything else that pops into, what I cavalierly call, my mind.

Be well and good luck to all.

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  1. Tim Hall says:

    Very well said Karl. I would like to thank you, Todd, and Jeff for your help in starting my company. Without your help, my dream would not be possible.

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